UNESCO SBG Visitor Kiosk & Boardwalk

UNESCO Singapore Botanic Gardens
Visitor Kiosk & EcoLake Boardwalk
Civic Architecture: Completed 2017

The most meaningful public project we’ve completed to date, this project is a homage to heritage: referencing the rise of a local economy, rubber plantations, old train stations and Singapore Botanic Garden’s role in the making of this history. The construction of the kiosk; its expression of a barrel-vault within a slim steel frame, constantly set within greenery, is a pavilion we hope many visitors will visit and enjoy.

The Boardwalk, a ribbon flitting above Eco Lake, alternating barrier and information, twisting when a meaningful view opens up on the lake, helps point to the rich ecosystem of flora and fauna that is hosted at SBG. Working in a garden is such a delight. Thanks to the SBG team who worked hand in hand with us over this time.

Photos by Khoo Guo Jie.