Eddy House

Jalan Greja
Residential: Completed 2011

Water plays a very important part in the conceptualisation of this 2-storey semi-detached house and its reconstruction.

Firstly, the site faces a fresh sea water canal in its backyard. Secondly, the owners preferred a swimming pool to extra rooms that they don’t need. Thirdly, water is symbolically associated with wealth. Tapping on the behaviour of water, waves and currents, the new extension is a stronger, shifted silhouette of the original house, that echoes the original form like a wave, creating an ‘wave wall’ of rooms that shelter the privacy of the house from its neighbours.

The expression of a stone-clad wall underlines the direction of flow in the 1st storey living spaces and leads circulation through the house with a series of spaces, one after another.

Photos by LH Thio