L’Espace Sante Spa

Mandarin Gallery
Completed 2013

Design Direction
The design direction for L’Espace Sante is one of a Modern Abstracted European concept, notably French. What we abstract from L’Espace Sante and Sothys heritage is not just Classical motifs or palatial styles, but rather, a distilled essence of certain qualities of space and effects. Like essences of products, the design attempts to update traditional motifs such as vaults and domes, the brass and gold colour scheme, by interpreting them in modern day aesthetics and so they can be more timeless.

The design also recognizes that in the effects of domes and vaults, there is softness and femininity in curves and tries to incorporate the sensual curves of tradition with the clean lines of the modern.

Hence, the entrance reception area starts off with a play of layers of transparent glass panels that suggests softness and lightness with its soft lighting and play on layered silhouettes. Like sheer curtains that hide and reveal, the arrival facade subtly relaxes the environment, calling out in the displays, only the clear, succinct principles of skincare and its products in four categories: Prestige, Anti-Aging, Hydrating and Whitening.

Private Lounge
The exalted vaults and trellis heighten the experience of private, attentive treatments, starting first at the ceremonial passageway into the Private Lounge. With dedicated banquette seats for individuals to enjoy tea before and after treatments, the curved walls surround the lounge like heavy draperies in a ladies’ saloon. Again, the soft curves on the walls suggests softness with strength. Detail is paid to the individual pampering, seen in the intimate booth seats, the dedicated lamps and most importantly this private space set aside for the purpose of relaxation.

Treatment Rooms
Dedicating each of the treatment rooms to the qualities they represent, L’Espace Santa presents: – Mimosa symbolises love and protection – Amaryllis symbolises worth beyond beauty – Trillium symbolises purity, beauty, recovery – Dandelion symbolises resilience and affection

Once in the privacy of treatment rooms, the design shifts its focus to the experience of the customers and what they will experience. Often in important rooms, the chandelier offers a point of focus and its form, a kind of visual enjoyment. Here, while laying down, customers gaze upon a modern interpretation of chandeliers in the form of abstracted patterns of chandeliers when seen from below. Intricately and custom laser cut out to mimic crystal and flower-themed chandeliers corresponding to the room names, the ceiling becomes a canvas for imagination, relaxation and a visual interest while again tying back to a traditional ornament of its time.


Photos by LH Thio.