Cluster: Wisma Geylang Serai Competition

Competition Entry for Wisma Geylang Serai
Competition: 2014
Proposal in collaboration with Elaine Lee

A community building with multiple agencies housed under one roof. Our design proposal capitalises on the openness of the site and program, to design an aggregated building with decentralised courtyards and breakout spaces for each agency, as an abstracted Kampong microcosm, choreographed to emulate the typologies of: – Market Place – Village Street – Gotong Royong.

To create a cultural setting and interaction that is distinctive, vibrant and inclusive. The various facets and spirit of the traditional Kampong village is very much integral with the Singapore culture, and unfolds like a leisurely stroll through the village neighbourhood.

We reconstruct the memory and identity Malay heritage through: – Retaining Heritage – Intensifying Streets – Green Strategies

As a cohesive building, the ground floor remains porous to the city with sheltered interior shopping streets. From all sides, the building presents different facets, subverting hierarchical notions of front and rear, ground and sky.

It is here that the story of the culturally distinctive, vibrant and inclusive civic centre can be enacted as an evolving collective of gathering, sharing and interactive spaces.