we don’t subscribe to styles, instead we craft design strategies for the built environment to work around people and their goals.

Who we are - Architecture, Interiors

GA is an architectural practice whose interest in design transcends scale and program. To find an appropriate design methodology and to master material and dimension is to master design and, more importantly, the living out of a good design. Innovating good function and bespoke aesthetic are not mutually exclusive in our world.

GA’s works are strong, imageable visualizations of our clients’ briefs, which we help shape into individual expressions and brand identities, using the vehicle of universal laws of art, nature and science. Our work is about expressing the everyday essential encounters of space, light and nature, and all of its casual intelligence and wit uniquely through architectural design process.

What we do - Quality Space and Experience

It is our first and foremost interest to shape and create quality living, working, playing environments of any scale to serve any and all purposes. Prior to GA, principal architect Yen Yen Wu had worked on hospitality resorts, hotels and commercial offices in Singapore and overseas when she was an Associate at Eco.id Design Consultancy. Her projects then included JW Marriott at Koh Samui, Private Resort at Abu Dhabi and Marriott Hotel Pool Villas in Singapore. Yen had also worked with Hotel Intercontinental’s Hotel Indigo on project-basis as Consultant for neighbourhood and place-making design branding.

GA, as a practice, conceptualizes fresh and purposeful design concepts that are not restricted by program or budget. This includes:

Conceptualizing customized living environments for individual families
Conceptualizing various public and civic architectural designs
Conceptualizing interior design corporate identities for flagship stores, restaurants, offices and hotels

We have a current staff strength of five, compromising two qualified architects, two architecture executives with Masters degrees and a technical staff.

Genome Architects Pte Ltd is currently registered with Public Sector Panels of Consultants (PSPC) Panel 3 and is a Corporate Member of Singapore Institute of Architects.

Our Design Philosophy

Genome Architects (GA) started practice in 2009 because Yen was fascinated with the phenomenon of natural and built environments. Our interest spans from the surprises of space making, to prototypical architectural solutions, to personal obsessions with craft and thought.

We draw from natural systems, numbers and codes that manifest in nature; social dynamic behaviours; and naturally formed habitats to provide us with methodologies on how we can also build our own man-made environments in pleasurable, intelligent ways. Like nature, architecture, too, is a materialisation of numbers and phenomenon; a manifestation of associative programs and story telling; a tactile understanding of materials and the process of making.

That our design generator is informed, in approach, through the lens of art-design-science, does not implicate biomorphic form-making nor green-scaping. Rather, genome is “the total amount of genetic information in the chromosomes of an organism, including its genes and DNA sequences. It represents all the inheritable traits of an organism.” At GA, each project has these “traits” coded into the DNA of architecture through design, thereby closing the loop of thinking, making and living for us.


SIA Awards
Honorable Mention
Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Kiosk and Boardwalk at Eco Lake
3rd SIA Bathroom Design Awards
Honorable Mention
Swiss View